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What is Menopause?

What is MenopauseMenopause occurs when the menstrual cycles end permanently. The ovaries have depleted their supply of healthy eggs and hormone production decreases sharply. Once a woman has gone one full year without a menstrual cycle, she is said to be in menopause. In the United States, this usually occurs around 51, but many women begin experiencing symptoms several months or years before menopause actually occurs. This period of time when women are symptomatic but still menstruating is known as perimenopause.

Hormonal testing and a medical exam can be used to determine if a woman has reached menopause. A woman may experience a variety of symptoms that are associated with low estrogen levels. Hot flashes and night sweats are extremely common, and some women may experience mood swings, crying menopause and difficulty concentrating. Atrophy of the genital tract can occur and cause urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Menopause can also increase the risk of certain health problems, including cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Managing your menopause symptoms can help you feel better and remain active throughout this often difficult time. Good nutrition is essential for supporting your body’s functions, but exercise is also important. The right workout can help you keep your waistline trim, burn off excess stress and maintain bone density. Supplements are also beneficial for many women. DON’T PAUSE supports healthy hormone levels and eases dozens of menopause symptoms for better overall functioning. Contact us today to learn more about DON’T PAUSE or to place your order. Menopause is a great time to enjoy intimate relationship without worrying about becoming pregnant. Don’t Pause increase sexual desires and maintains a healthy vaginal lubrication and stimulation.

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